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Gran Canaria and Tenerife are the main islands of the Canary Archipelago. Both islands provide investors with large investment opportunities ranging from land, apartments, and houses, through hotels and apartment buildings, to real commercial purpose estateestates.

The statistics show a high bed occupancy rate for accommodation in the Canary Islands. Overall, the bed occupancy rate in both hotel and non-hotel accommodation types averaged 65% for hotels while apartment hotels are over 80%. This increases the attractiveness for potential real estate buyers, because they can be very good investments generating stable incomes. You can profit in two ways – on the lease and the increase in the value of the property.

As part of our business, we offer assistance in acquiring real estate that can be used for the investment purposes, including short-term orand long-term leases. We arrange proven persons / entities that professionally deal with managingthe management of such properties and tenants. Thanks to this, our clients do not have to worry about such matters.

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